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Understanding Your Needs

At GPM Health and Life, our goal is to help our customers get the right coverage for their needs. We are here to work with you and to understand your unique situation and your life goals. We're here to help you plan for and protect those goals.

Finding the right coverage for your needs

The best life insurance policy is the policy that is designed to meet your unique needs. Your policy should fit your needs and be affordable for you and protect your family.

Your policy should also take into account the needs you have for your current situation - and for the future. Your life situation and goals should be considered as part of the planning process. The coverage you need just starting out may be very different from the needs you have with a mortgage and dependents. Needs change again as you prepare to send your children to college, when you retire, and when you begin to consider leaving a legacy or protecting loved ones when you are gone.

Life insurance decisions are life decisions. While people often think about coverage as something you have for a worst case scenario, life insurance is also about protecting and realizing life goals for yourself and your family.

Types of protection we offer

Income replacement

If others depend on your income, proper planning is a must and can soften their devastation from your early death. Providing protection for income loss will help your survivors manage expenses, pay mortgages, and protect the life goals you set.

Mortgage protection

One of the major investments in life is your home. If others depend on your income to make the mortgage payment, proper planning for mortgage protection could help your family stay in the home. Term life insurance may be the perfect solution if you are still making payments on your mortgage

Protecting your children

As parents we do all we can to provide our children with opportunities to succeed in life, from providing for a college education to planning a legacy that will build a foundation of financial stability. Learn how life insurance can help you protect your goals for your children.

Final expense planning

The last thing anyone wants to think about after they lose a loved one is how to pay for the funeral arrangements. Final Expense life insurance helps ease the financial burdens by helping to pay for the many costs associated with final needs, while allowing loved ones to focus on the issues that matter most when a death occurs.

Leaving a legacy

Wishing you could do more for the charities you love and support? Have you considered using life insurance as a charitable gift? Your life insurance policy can be an effective and convenient means to provide support. In most cases a relatively small annual premium can turn into a substantial gift to your chosen charity, allowing you to leave a legacy of caring.

Needs for Individuals & Families

Like your goals and life situation, your insurance needs change over time. Your needs may peak when your children are young and you and your spouse are paying a mortgage, then may be less later in life, for example, when children are grown or your mortgage is paid off. Learn more about life insurance planning for your needs - now, and throughout your life.

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