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Life Insurance Solutions

Life insurance can be an essential tool in any financial plan - and your needs may change at each stage of your life. With many features and riders available, GPM Health and Life has insurance professionals who can help you find the right coverage for your life goals and needs now and in the future.

Why life insurance is important

Life insurance is a unique product that pays proceeds to beneficiaries when the insured dies. Most people consider life insurance as part of end-of-life planning, but life insurance is just as much about life as it is end-of-life. Life insurance coverage is about protecting your life's achievements, the goals you have for your children or grandchildren, protecting the quality of life and home ownership for a surviving spouse, protecting a business, or leaving a legacy that helps others realize their life dreams.

Permanent coverage options can also provide assistance to you in the event of a financial need, allowing you to borrow against the cash value, for any reason while you are still alive.

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Common Questions
Is there a guaranteed death benefit?*
What's the benefit of this coverage?
Permanent life insurance builds cash value over time and the premiums stay level as you age. You may be able to borrow against the cash value, for any reason.
Term life coverage tends to be more affordable at a time when your needs are greatest, for example when you still have a mortgage to protect or need to fund children's education, when you want to cover a business transfer, or protect a business in the event of loss of a key employee.*
Final expense coverage can help meet the needs of individuals who are aged 50 through 85 who want a small amount of coverage for funeral expenses, to pay debts, or provide a gift to charitable organizations or family members upon death.*
Are the premiums guaranteed to be level?*
Yes, but for a fixed period.
Will this coverage last?
Whole Life is permanent insurance. As long as you make the scheduled guaranteed level premium payments, the coverage will stay in place until you death.*
Yes, for a fixed period.*
Final Expense Whole Life is permanent insurance. As long as you make the scheduled guaranteed level premium payments, the coverage will stay in place until you death.*
Is this the most affordable coverage?
Because of the guaranteed features, cash value and permanent coverage, this product is generally more expensive.
Usually Term Life insurance is an affordable product for a short, defined period. After that period, the annual increases in premium may make it too expensive to keep.
Coverage options vary for individuals 50 to 85 years old. The right option for you depends on your age and a brief medical history interview.
Does this coverage build cash value?
Can I access money from this policy while I'm alive?
Can this policy be customized with available riders?
Get details about types of life insurance:
*Subject to any outstanding policy loans or withdrawals
All Products not available to all states

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Life Situations

Whether you are single, married, raising a family, building a business, or retired, life insurance can provide protection for your unique needs.


How much life insurance do you really need? This calculator will give you a general idea based upon your financial needs.

Understanding Your Needs

GPM Health and Life works with individuals and families to help them find the right coverage for their specific situation. Let us help you today.